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We provide tailor made solutions for your requirements. Our team of experts will propose you best possible solution for your project requirements.

IT Services & Offerings

We offer Stratergic planning, Enterprise Application Integration, Application Development, Application Maintenance, Product Design Development and Migration.

Technology Partner

Developing enterprise level solutions is not a one person’s work. It really requires collaboration and partnership to develop highly sustainable enterprise wide solutions. We being a technological company can give a strong boost to your business.

Centres of Excellence

We have skilled engineers for exclusively working on Microsoft technologies: Microsoft .Net, SharePoint Server, BizTalk Server, Commerce Server, and Microsoft Business Intelligence tools.


Zonixsoft has been a huge asset to our company saving us time and money.

Larry Talley, CEO – Brand Tango !

IT Strategy & Governance

Better IT Strategy & Governance policy will not only reduces overall operation costs but also significantly increases organization’s trustworthiness and service values in today’s business world. Zonixsoft provides its IT strategy services to customers to transform their IT set-up to a more agile model.

Application Development

We at Zonixsoft make every effort to understand customers requirement and suggest them a turnkey solution. We offer following services as part of application development:

  • Application Development
  • Product Design and Development
Business Intelligence & Reporting

Why should you build your team with Zonixsoft? We have answers to your questions. We at Zonixsoft propose a very flexible business model that will best suit your budgets and requirments. Zonixsoft works in very transparent model. Customers interact directly with the developers for daily status reporting.

Google Chrome OS

Google is launching Chrome OS. Google is saying that the modern computer user spends so much time working with Web-based resources that the main control system for the computer should be

Linked list in C-Language

Link List: Link List is a collection of Nodes. Each node consists of a Data field and Address of Next field in the linked list. Linked is used in case

MVC Architecture

MVC architecture  is basically designed to separate the business logic and application data from the presentation data to manage easily. MVC stands for L Model – View – Controller 1). 


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Sharing is caring , We continuously try to share our experiences and contributing our bit to the IT world. Check it out, it may save you time !


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Tom Meyer, Designer

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Hungry pizza timeouts.
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We offer free IT Consultation. So, if you are passing by from here and have a requirements to share for your upcoming or existing project or looking for a collaboration or in the need of a Support team who can actually do quick fixes for your clients or your multiple websites/Mobiles apps. Please feel free to contact us. We respond quickly.

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