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[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Why should you build your team with Zonixsoft?

We have answers to your questions. We at Zonixsoft propose a very flexible business model that will best suit your budgets and requirments. Zonixsoft works in very transparent model. Customers interact directly with the developers for daily status reporting. Project Manager sends a weekly status report and check-in code daily/weekly or as requested. Customers are provided access to SharePoint team site developed for project status dashboard and documents repository.

Here are the answers to a few questions that you may ask yourself before starting an IT Project / It Start-up.

Why do you want to invest in Infrastructure?
You don’t need to pay for Infrastructure, We have state of the art infrastructure fully equipped hardware with latest software required for any kind of web/window/mobile applications.

How to save cost of hiring an IT skilled professional in-house?
We will provide you a highly skilled IT professionals that will save your efforts and cost than hiring an in-house resource. If you hire an in-house resource you need to have in-house infrastructure also.

Even-if you hire a skilled professional would she know all the IT Languages and applications?
No one knows all IT languages – Since, you are building team with Zonixsoft you have freedom to change* your team at any point of time when you see that your next project is in another IT Language and your existing team is not a proficient in that.

Would she know how to architect an Enterprise Solution?
Zonixsoft team has many Technical Architects with more than a decade of experience in architecting enterprise level solutions. At any point of time you can add Technical Architect in your team.

What would be your ROI if you have discontinuous projects but you have a full time IT employee?
You don’t need to hire full time employees when you are building team with Zonixsoft. We propose a very flexible Time and Material Model. If you have project pay for your team else release the team.

$ Value earn = $ Value Spent; Where are margins?
$ Value earned > $ Value spent! Wow! But how? We are working in following delivery models:

Offshore Model
Global Delivery Model

In case of offshore model, your team will be operating from India offices. One single point of contact would be required from your side to direct the team on functional requirements. Offshore team in India will proposes all technical solutions and deliver solutions online. Very flexible and intuitive mode of communications is used for daily synchronization, weekly demos, weekly status reporting and discussions.

In case of Global Delivery Model, One of our technical specialists will be at your place and rest of the development team will be operating from India offices. This technical specialist will guide you and team in India on technical and functional aspects of the solution. This person will take care of your other RFPs also. He will be your technical partner with you working from your offices.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][dfd_user_form fake_check_layout=”forms_01″ input_background=”#f5f5f5″ placeholder=”off” content_spacing=”” borderwidth=”1″ border_color=”#e8e8e8″ border_radius=”2″ text_color=”#565656″ text_area_height=”10″ vert_margin_btw_inputs=”15″ horiz_margin_btw_inputs=”10″ font_size=”13″ button_border_width=”1″ button_border_color=”#bc9b72″ button_border_color_on_hover=”#9f8465″ button_border_radius=”2″ button_backgrond=”#bc9b72″ hover_button_backgrond=”#9f8465″ button_color_text=”#ffffff” button_hover_color_text=”#ffffff” btn_width=”dfd-third-size” check_layout=”forms_01.php” show_label_text=”on” check_layout_forms_01=”{“1“:{“text_name“:{“required-1“:“1“,“name“:“Name“,“akismet_comment_author-1“:“1“}},“2“:{“email“:{“name“:“Email“,“required-1“:“1“,“akismet_comment_author_email-1“:“1“}},“3“:{“text_name“:{“name“:“Subject“}},“4“:{“textarea_name“:{“name“:“Message“}}}”]From: {{your-name}}
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