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Move a SharePoint Content Database / Deploy sharepoint site

our Official website (https://zonixsoft.com) You have two initial options, doing a backup and restore within MOSS to move the data, or doing it at the SQL/STSADM level.  I prefer the latter, as it isn’t nearly as inclined to fail and leaves you with more flexibility. 1) Find the content Database These are listed under Central […]

Turning off friendly errors in MOSS

Click Here to visit Zonix’s Website We found many times sharepoint only display some text like unknown/unspecified error occured. If you want to sharepoint display you to proper error follow below given article. While in development, the friendly error page that SharePoint displays when our page has an error can make debugging master page issues […]

Advantages of Asp.net and Sharepoint – Where to use SharePoint

Click Here to visit Zonix’s Website Here are some of Advantages/Disadvantages of SharePoint apps over ASP.Net apps:   Advantages:   1. Many built-in features are available with MOSS which can be used to easily develop complex solutions. 2. Rich Security features which come built in. 3. Integrated with Content Management. 4. Very less efforts required […]

What’s SharePoint Not Good For

Click Here to visit Zonix’s Website SharePoint is an excellent way to create data-driven web sites, in my opinion, but there are other times where I don’t think it’s the best choice. For example, SharePoint isn’t a substitute for a code management library, such as SourceSafe. (Microsoft is working on this for Visual Studio 2008, […]