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Google Chrome OS

Google is launching Chrome OS. Google is saying that the modern computer user spends so much time working with Web-based resources that the main control system for the computer should be the browser, not the operating system. Furthermore, Google declared that the Chrome OS experience will bear little resemblance to existing way that users interact with their […]

How Big is google’s database

Visist : https://zonixsoft.com (Our Official Website) Google search crawler uses 850 TB of information, so that’s the amount of raw data from the web. Google Analytics uses 220 TB stored in two tables: 200 TB for the raw data and 20 TB for the summaries. Google Earth uses 70.5 TB: 70 TB for the raw […]

Customizing the Map using Google Maps API

Get ready to code! In this section, we’ll be making changes and additions to the map HTML file to customize the map based on your preferences.   1.    Open your myapp.html file. 2.    Add the code to center the map at particular the latitude/longitude .The line that centers the map in the current code is: […]